A well-defined and implemented Snow and Ice Management Program is essential for every retail and commercial property within a snowfall area. Establishing procedures specific to each region and individual location can save time, money, manpower and stress. From smart processes to quick response times, Wildhorse Management offers the most reliable snow and ice removal services from coast-to-coast. 

Centralizing winter-specific management services provides corporate managers and owners greater efficiencies and control over their entire fleet. It can also help them avoid situations that increase the likelihood of slip and falls. For example, one location might opt to shovel its own sidewalks to save money locally. Doing so increases the chances for accidents, which can be very costly at the corporate level. By centralizing functions such as snow plowing parking lots, clearing snow-covered sidewalks and de-icing, we can implement processes and trigger points that protect both customers and property owners/managers. 


Significantly reducing our client’s liability is paramount. Starting with slip-and-fall accident prevention and protection, Wildhorse Management standardizes when and how lots and walkways are cleared. Clear and precise procedures are important to protecting customers and reducing liability. 

In addition to personally verifying each vendor’s insurance policy, Wildhorse Management acts as the “additionally insured,” further distancing our clients from potential risk.  


Each of your properties stands as a testament to your brand through every season. We substantiate every deliverable, and we document every approval so that you are assured consistent results at each site every time. 

Centralizing one or all of the following functions can improve safety at and unify the appearance of every property throughout your corporate system.

  • Comprehensive snow and ice management program

  • Clear parking lots of snow

  • Clear sidewalks of snow

  • De-ice parking and sidewalks




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