In commercial real estate, curb appeal presents a brand’s first impression, consequently impacting preference and purchase behavior. In addition to aesthetics, smart landscaping solutions can serve a number of other functions. Smart landscape elements can provide privacy and shade, or it can limit erosion and sound. We all know that the existence of grass, flowers, trees and flower beds requires ongoing maintenance. 

With an extensive landscape management network and streamlined processes, Wildhorse Management ensures each of our every client’s locations are serviced properly, timely and cost efficiently. 

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If you’re looking for a landscape and exterior facilities management company, it’s likely for one of two reasons: to centralize or transition. Many of our clients have decided to consolidate their multitude of fragmented landscape services into a single contract, while others have found that their existing management provider simply wasn’t working out. 

Whether centralizing or transitioning, Wildhorse Management makes the segue seamless. Each location is free to continue using existing service providers if you’re satisfied with the service or we can procure a replacement from our national network of trusted suppliers.

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