Wildhorse Management is your single source for a comprehensive range of landscape and facility management services. Consolidating and centralizing some or all of your landscape and facility management responsibilities can help you get more out of your investments. It also reduces the hassle of managing multiple contractors across multiple locations.





and warm weather services

Get the look you want with flowers, grass

and lawn.


and cold weather services

Reduce slip-and-falls incidents with proper snow/ice removal.


indoor & outdoor services

Access endless trades with a single call,

email or text.


Each property and project is managed by our experienced, office personnel. Our exceedingly experienced team knows the right questions to ask during the bidding process and understand market rates and pricing structures. The result? Consistent quotes, reliable services, smart solutions and no more headaches.


Tasking each location with overseeing its own snow removal, grass cutting and repairs can be inefficient, costly and unmanageable. While one site might opt to shovel its own sidewalks, increasing the chances for a slip and fall, another location might have trouble securing reliable lawn services. Centralizing these tasks can reduce your corporate risk while ensuring the same look is achieved across every location.

In terms of sheer numbers, let’s say a store needs eight services and is required to procure three bids for each service. Each location must source and vet 24 bids before it can start managing, scheduling and billing the chosen vendors. Multiply that for 10, 25 or 100 locations and the workload presents a burden for everyone involved. Even procurement teams can be overwhelmed by the bidding and vetting, verifying insurance and maintaining quality across so many sites and services.  

That’s why we believe that managing more than one contractor is too many. 


Each of your properties stands as a testament to your brand. We substantiate every deliverable, and we document every approval so that you are assured consistent results at each site every time. Centralizing one or all of the following functions can improve and unify the appearance of every property throughout your corporate system.


management services

Access endless trades with a single call, email or text.


here for you

Rest assured, our team is responsive & accessible


for subs & suppliers

So they can do what they do best—servicing your locations.

The Specifics...

The Specifics

  • Leaf clean-up

  • Irrigation services

  • Soft- and hard-scapes

  • Tree trimming/maintenance/removal

  • Debris removal and lot cleanups

  • Rock or boulder installations

  • Weekly mowing   

  • Bed maintenance and clean-up

  • Pre-emergent application

  • Fertilization application

  • Mulching

  • Pruning




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