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Wildhorse Management simplifies facility and landscape management for companies with multiple locations. Consolidating dozens or even hundreds of vender contracts into a single account means property owners, site managers, procurement teams and support staff can reclaim more time to focus on other core business functions.

Wildhorse Management is a family-owned company. It was started by three brothers—Bill, James and Chris—who “grew up” in the commercial and residential lawn and landscape industry. In addition to Wildhorse Management, the three co-own and manage the day-to-day operations of a multi-million dollar landscape company in St. Louis, Missouri.

Every single employee at Wildhorse Management has expansive landscape management experience. While some companies simply provide services, our team’s acumen guarantees much more: streamlined processes, consistent pricing, guaranteed services, reduced liability and smart solutions. In addition to the sometimes overlooked savings these provide, you might say ‘peace of mind’ is a deliverable as well.   

We are equally proud to work with an extensive network of trusted property and landscape suppliers across the country. In addition to simplifying these tasks for our clients, we manage invoicing, scheduling and other office tasks so that our vendors can focus on meeting client needs quicker, better and without distraction.


The Wildhorse Way is our two-fold approach to delivering the best services at every property every time. First, we develop and deliver a tailored management package with the services and schedules our clients need. Second, we assume management of office tasks for our vendors, enabling them to get back to doing the things they do best—servicing locations. This dual focus on our clients and suppliers is unique and it guarantees better results for everyone.

We can manage. This is the simple way of saying that we vet vendors nationwide, bid individual projects, contract each supplier and verify their insurance, schedule services, continually monitor quality, substantiate every deliverable, reduce client risk, improve accident prevention, and maintain consistent appearances across each and every location.

Endless trades at your fingertips. We help clients with all aspects of property and landscape management, including: plow and clear sidewalks of snow and ice, mow lawns, maintain and clean flower beds, apply pre-emergents and fertilization, control vegetation, mulch, prune, cleanup leaves, provide irrigation, and much more.


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management company

Consolidate hundreds of supplier contracts into one.


that saves you money

Expect smart solutions, reliable services and consistent quotes.


on reducing risk

Reduce your liability by leaving insurance to us.


management services

Access endless trades with a single call, email or text.


here for you

Rest assured, our team is responsive & accessible


for subs & suppliers

So they can do what they do best—servicing your locations.

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